How to Play a Record Album

Before we learn how to play a record album, we must first learn what a record album actually is. I know many of you out there have never actually seen one of these; it is, in fact, a record album, or "LP" which stands for "Long Playing." It's made out of vinyl and has very large grooves on its playing surface - kind of like a CD, but a lot bigger. It was typically enclosed in a cardboard folder, called a "sleeve," which is what you see here.

Some record albums were prized for the creative pictures on their sleeves; others were prized just for their music. This particluar record was not prized for either. It was originally released in 1983, when I was 12 years old, and I bought a copy at that time. However, I sold it or gave it away many years ago. This is a different copy, still unopened.