How to destroy a CD

As always, click the images to enlarge them. Oh, and don't do this. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER IF YOU FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND BURN YOUR FRIGGIN' HOUSE DOWN. To be safe, you probably should really just ignore this completely.

Destroy that CD!Take a CD. Could be a CD-ROM that didn't burn right - or has incriminating data - or it could just be an old T. Rex CD.
SnipYou'll need to cut into it a little bit. Not too much, just get to the shiny part. Be sure to wear your eye protection!
Oh, what a great slit!Very nice. Good job!
Burn baby burnNow put the mutilated CD into your microwave. For best results, the microwave should be as grody as possible - try not to clean inside it for a few years.
ZzzzzzzapClose the door and turn the microwave on. FOR NO MORE THAN THREE SECONDS! You will see something wonderful that can barely be captured with digital photography.
What's that great smell?If you leave the CD in for longer than is absolutely necessary, it will melt and your microwave will become slightly grodier.
Ex-CDAnd no one will ever retrieve data from your CD ever again.

Posted on 9 Apr 2006 at 4:49pm (Updated 25 Mar 2008)

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